Who I Am

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My name is Brendon Banville. I am a dedicated game designer with an intense passion for level design. From creating suspensful missions to vibrant open worlds, my goal as a designer is to use my levels to get the most out of every project I work on.

I’ve worked on a wide variety of projects. Some at a AAA level, some at an Indie level, and some at a solo level. Regardless of the scale of the project I always work at a professional level. During my time at Raven Software I was able to demonstrate that as I learned their engine and workflow at a rapid pace and built the environments and encounters from the ground up owning the entire process and area. 

Prior to my work at Raven, I have been working to improve my skills as a level designer, while attending DigiPen Institute of Technology, a school that strives to create and environment that mirrors that of the game industry. During my time there I worked on many team projects; I worked closely with artists, programmers, sound designers, and other designers like myself.

In my spare time, I enjoy working on personal projects experimenting with new tools and methods to improve my knowledge and design. I experiment in different engines, using different scripting languages, and have even begun to learn about the VR space learning XR toolkits to create interesting weapon mechanics and designs.

I try to experiment with all kinds of tools just like I enjoy playing all kinds of games. I love playing games just as much as I love making them and I use that in my designs. I try to play as many different games, and genres as I can while still sticking to games I enjoy. I enjoy observing and analyzing games and their elements so I can better understand what designers new and old are doing to engage and direct players.